We the women of Sabon-Anagada want to thank Project 774 for the work they are doing. We are very happy with bags they gave us and the things we learnt about safe delivery.

Sarah Zakare (Head Teacher, Sabon-Anagada)

I am happy that my effort in starting this school is not a waste. I did my part; I did not wait for Government or anybody before I started this school with the church. Now Project 774 has done their part and I believe that Government will do theirs as well.

Daniel Inalegwu(Head Teacher, Sabon-Anagada)

I want to be a teacher when I grow up. I did not have books and even school bag, I thank project 774 for giving me a new school bag, books, biro and pencils. I am happy that they said they will work with Government to do my school well so that I can learn well and be a good teacher.

Ibrahim Yabu
Ibrahim Yabu (Student, Sabon-Anagada)