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Project 774 exists to address three fundamental facts:

  • The issue of federal presence and the equity surrounding it has been debated for years in this country and is currently being used a political tool by opponents. Some inferred statistics claim that some states in some parts of the country have less than 5% federal presence and the likes.

  • World Bank has cautioned that developing countries should build systems and processes that reduce the burden of bureaucratic tendencies and bottlenecks. In other words, developmental impact to the grassroots is delayed and ineffective as a result of such burdens.

  • The masses have deeply imbedded mistrust for government and need reassurances by direct provision of tangible evidence of the dividends of democracy.

Nigeria has been contending with various forms of insecurities and civil unrest, claiming the precious lives of many Nigerians. Information Communication Technology (ICT) remains one of the pivotal tools for fighting insecurity in a country with a large population base and landmass like Nigeria.

Project 774 has fashioned out innovative ICT based programs to increase security awareness within communities as well provide an communications system to alert the security outfits promptly when crisis situations arise.

Programmes under Security from Project 774 include:

S.E.E.H. 774

Security Education Empowerment Health



Know your Neighbour KYN (Community Directory)

The KYN is a programme designed to engage members of the community and develop a communal directory where inhabitants of the community can use to communicate amongst themselves. It also provides contact details for the delivery of programmes for the Government to the Local Government administration.


Community Alert System (CAS)

The CAS is a system for immediately alerting the security agencies in the event of an emergency. A simple-to-deploy-and-use communications network will be deployed in trouble areas, to enable the citizens communicate and send distress messages immediately. The interface with the security agencies will also ensure that the right team to assist are immediately reached for a rapid response.



One Child One Book

It is our belief that every Nigerian child deserves the right to quality primary/ secondary education. Therefore, this program is designed to provide each beneficiary (Pupils & Students) with exercise books, mathematical sets, English and Mathematical text books, pens, pencils, erasers and so on, all in one packsack to make it convenient for the child to carry.

  • English Language & Maths Text books
  • Note Books
  • Computer Appreciation Text Books
  • Writing Materials


Exam Assist

Nigerian Students have been recording a consistent decline in NECO, WAEC and UTM in recent times. Project 774 has tapped into her partnership with various publishing houses to provide text books and reading materials students at various levels of secondary education in Nigeria. Students can seamlessly download our free online apps which will enable them to study for exams via their mobile phones.

  • Soft copies of NECO/WAEC Past questions
  • Online Tutorials (Videos)



Due to the challenges of our tertiary institutions to adequately cater for the increasing number of post-secondary students that are churned out yearly, only 27% of these secondary school leavers make it to the University each year.

Project 774 will partner with relevant government agencies to promote information Communication Technology (ICT) to deliver cutting edge distance learning options for our teaming youths who are 73% less likely to gain admission into the tertiary Institutions.

  • Soft copies of Jamb past questions
  • Online Tutorials (Videos)
  • E-Learning system to allow for online learning.



Widows Might

This program is all about empowering widows to be productive in order to support their families adequately without requiring external aid. We will partner with cooperative societies, telecommunication companies and the community to provide a phone booth center where members of the public can make calls at a price and also procure air time for their phones.


Off The Street

We believe that all young people should be given the chance to achieve their best. Therefore, this program aims to take children and young women off the street, and back into the classroom.

We’ll assist women involved in prostitution move towards safety, recovery, empowerment, and community reintegration.

Women participate in daily education and support groups that assist them in their recovery and empowerment process and address topics such as life skills, health and well-being, relationships, and self-esteem.



We understand that every youth has a right to an honest living through good paying jobs and self-employment. Economic empowerment translates to good standards of living. Hence, the common maxim, “If the people can earn, they can pay their bills”.

Project 774 will embark on massive productive empowerment programs, skill acquisitions and entrepreneurial classes etc., which will ultimately translate to improved economic standard for Nigerians.

The empowerment programmes under the I.Am.Empowered include:

Empowerment Training for School Leavers

  • Mobile Phone / Laptop Repairs
  • Telecommunications Mast Rigging
  • Fibre Optics Technology
  • Website & Graphics

Empowerment Training for Universities/Colleges Graduates

  • E-Commerce for Agriculture
  • Computer Graphics & Web Design
  • Telecommunications Network Engineering



Safe Delivery

Infant and maternal mortality rates remain at a disturbing and embarrassing rate even when compared to our African neighbours. (Use stats from UN or WHO, please)

We’ll partner with leading pharmaceutical companies to provide support to expectant mothers through the provision of “Sweet Mother Maternity Packs”. These packs will contain materials that are vital to the survival of mother and child during the prenatal, natal and post-natal stages of childbirth.


Eye Care Service for the Elderly

It has been discovered that eye sight declines with age therefore, Project 774 will work with volunteer optometrists and ophthalmologists to provide the following services to our senior citizens:

  • Free Eye Care Check-ups
  • Free Eye Glass frames and lenses
  • Free Eye drops This Program aims to address the eye care needs of people who are sixty (60) years and above


E-Health Kiosk

A lot of illnesses are preventable if proper preventive measures are accessible. The e-Health kiosks will establish health kiosks in the communities and will use simple diagnostic equipment to provide the first line of preventive healthcare to the grassroots.

The following services will be captured within the e-health kiosk program.

  • Preventive Healthcare
  • Health Education and Counselling Services
  • Free Nutrition classes
  • Free Mosquito Nets