Government is a TWO-WAY traffic.

Development works best as a partnership with your CONSTRUCTIVE input
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About Us

The primary objective of Project 774 is to provide a bridge where Government’s programmes and policies can reach and affect the individual lives of all Nigerians, without the bureaucracy that currently exists.

The focus is on the individual and this informs the intervention programmes designed by Project 774. Rather than tell you what Government is doing for you, Project 774 brings the impact of Government to you as an individual to meet your exact needs.

Project 774 works with YOU & GOVERNMENT to impact YOUR life positively.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to positively impact the lives of EVERY Nigerian through partnership with the Government.


Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the capacity of Government to reach the grassroots.


Our Values

In every project that Project 774 undertakes in partnership with the relevant Government agency, we must ensure that it is purpose-driven, solution-focused and PEOPLE-oriented:

  • Passionate

    about positively affecting the lives of YOU and every Nigerian
  • Empathy

    towards the disconnect that exists between YOU & the GOVERNMENT
  • Obligated

    to making YOU and YOUR opinion count
  • Positive

    about promoting patriotism through the experiential relationship between Government & YOU
  • Linking

    YOUR good and constructive ideas to GOVERNMENT’S policies for a direct impact in your community & the grassroots
  • Encouraging

    YOU & EVERY Nigerian to work with GOVERNMENT & make YOUR life better

Our Strategy

strategypicOur strategy is to develop and implement people-centric programmes that will expedite the impact of Government’s presence, at the grassroots and to the individual without bureaucratic bottlenecks. In order to achieve this, Project 774 will form partnerships for project funding, management and delivery with the relevant Government